Monthly Archives: November 2014

If you’re a Windsor-end of Chapel Street kinda shopper, then in recent months, you may have stumbled upon The Pop Up Op Shop, a social enterprise set up by Shekinah Homeless Services Inc.    In October 2014, the stores band of community-lovin’ folk opened their permanent store, The Shop of Op in the same location, where you’ll be able to rummage for funky […]

Cheap and luxury don’t normally go together, do they? They do when you combine them with yarns and op shops! I recently discovered 14 balls of soft angora yarn at an op shop that I pop into every now and again. I had to take the lovely little balls of angora home with me and […]

One for the Geelong op shoppers. Vinnies has a new store opening at 19/147 Marshalltown Road, Grovedale VIC 3216 Grovedale Vinnies doors open at 10.30 on Monday 17th November. If you’re in the Geelong area and have a few hours to spare you can call 1300 736 933 or register your interest here…/Get…/Become_a_volunteer/VIC/ Now when […]

Dunolly Op Shop If you haven’t yet explored the wonders of this fabulous Dunolly resource, in its gorgeous historic setting, then you’ve been depriving yourself! Sited in the former Wesleyan Sunday School of the current Dunolly Uniting Church (corner of Market and Tweeddale streets) Op Shop Devotees have been known to travel 100s and sometimes […]

Thanks to Chrissie Swan for taking a few minutes out of a no doubtful hectic day to answer a few op shopping questions What has been your most treasured op shop find and why? A vintage 50s electric green apple-shaped ice bucket, 6 Elizabeth Skilton prints, small cake plate featuring Sydney’s centre point tower, 50s cocktail tray… List […]

What a charming op shop! This place looks like it would pack an op shop punch, it looks just gorgeous. This is Steptoes  in Ballan in Victoria’s South West near Ballarat  I don’t think I’d want to leave. The Lioness Club of Ballan and a group of local volunteers work as a community enterprise where […]