Month: July 2015

July Op Shop Competition

This month’s prize is an I Love to Op Shop tote bag. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning it is take a minute to pass on some info on one of your local op shops and add it to our sustainable shopping directory. The directory also features Vintage shops Recycle stores Markets Tip shops You can have a look at the directory here but be warned it’s still new and needs a lot of gaps filled. To add a listing head over to the Add Listing page here. Entries are saved and...

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Brisbane Op Shop Tours July Jaunt

Brisbane folk in need of a good op shop session make sure you check out Brisbane Op Shop Tours who will be running an on shop tour on the 25th July. This is their latest review from Kerri This Op Shop Tour is Awesome!!!! Desley & Alani are so knowledgeablele with tips and tricks of op shopping and their storie…s of fabulous finds are exciting too hear. I would recommend this tour to anyone who loves to op shop and would love to meet like minded people. You will have a hoot of a time Spots are limited so...

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TOP 5 ONLINE STORES FOR VINTAGE & SECOND­HAND FASHION Nearly all my cherished fashion items are vintage or second hand. With interests in fashion and anthropology, vintage items give me a glimpse into our history allowing me to sample and taste the different style, moods and spirits of that particular era. Vintage items themselves can be works of absolute beauty, not often found in the mass manufactured fast fashion items you find in retail stores today. Having been introduced to vintage early in my life through my fathers obsession with purchasing second hand bargains at garage sales and ‘Trash & Treasure’ markets, I quickly became a fan of buying second hand items at various op­shops, thrift stores and antique shops. I no longer have the stamina to go vintage and op­shopping, frantically looking through racks to find hidden garment gems. I’m a true size 6 (I’m Asian) with a size 5 shoe size (more a 4.5 shoe size) so I’ve wasted many hours trying to find things that fit. After nearly 20 years of doing this (I started very young), you can imagine I have neither the time nor the inclination to do this especially when there’s a veritable number of online store options available. People have done the hard work for me so I’m happy to pay a little bit more for an item. I figure the time...

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June’s Op Shop Winner

June’s Op Shop Winner Thanks for all the wonderful entries submitted for the new directory.  I’ve been inundated and still working through the entries but even the one’s I am yet to publish have been entered. June’s op shop winner gets a small thank-you pack containing a lovely op shopped Kate Hill teal bag a bar of Alter Eco chocolate which even I am surprised wasn’t “replaced” at any point a pretty vintage brooch picked up at a local garage sale We have had over 100 entries for local op shops, vintage shops, recycle shops, tip shops and markets...

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Salvos Club Card

Salvos Club Card Introducing the Salvos Stores Club to all you op shoppers out there who are yet to know about this amazing Salvos initiative. Here’s some info I got from the Salvos about the card which was launched in March. Salvos Stores is proud to announce the Salvos Stores Club Card. Introduced in stores across Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory in March 2015, it is revolutionary, being the first reward program of its kind introduced amongst charity recycle retailers in Australia. It offers Salvos Stores the opportunity to give back to their customers...

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