Princess Aspien has her license and she knows what to do with it – op shop of course!! She’s produced a Vlog of her op shopping adventures in Geelong. The moment she discovers her Princess and the Pegasus childhood toy speaks is priceless, I know a lot of us have had the “feels” spotting items […]

Upcycled linen creations makes vintage and retro linen hot property at the op shops right now but what are people doing with them, they are probably not drying the dishes with these eye-catching pieces. Here are some inspiring recreations from a quick trip on the web to get you looking at op shopped doileys, Manchester and table cloths in […]

Thrifted Transformations is run by a really creative thrifty shopper with an amazing eye for transforming the daggy to desirable, the shonky to chic, the cringeworthy to incredible… you get the idea. I have included three of her short but informative videos to give you an idea of what she does but she has a […]

I’ve seen some really ugly clocks in op shops, donations from ex Bieber fans, unwanted Barbie clocks, Nemo, Wiggles, Thomas, One Direction, Twilight timepieces….. the list goes on.  I wonder if they get reunited with new fans or if they sit in a tub marked at $1 for months gathering dust. If they work there […]

I’ve been a long time stalker of the Mustard Tree Op Shop and I decided to try my luck and ask a few questions about their thrifty upcycled inspiration.  Here’s what I found out Is there one person behind the upcycled items we see of a few people at the op shop? There are a […]

Zenna Donna’s creations were spotted on the Facebook group and I took the opportunity to see if she’d let us know a little more about her unique and quirky designs. How long have you been sewing and what inspired you to do something a “little out of the box” with some of your dresses? I […]

You’ve seen how much jewellery op shops now have well here’s some inspiration to make you look a little longer at them and in a new light or to look in the other aisles to get creative to suit your own personal style. Here is my top 10 upcycled jewellery ideas, hope they get your creative […]

Castaway to Couture Sarah got in touch to tell us about Castaway to Couture Castaway to Couture is an exciting project for op shop lovers and refashioners. it is a National refashioning competition to celebrate National Sewing month in May, brought to you by the Australian Sewing Guild Inc. (ASG), in collaboration with Red Cross Shops. […]

Thrifty Decorating Ideas from Inspirational Op Shoppers Wendy dropped me a brief message showing me her newly decorated bedroom which has been done on a thrifty op shop budget, I had to ask if she’d tell us more and share a few more photos. “Hi, I thought I’d share this pic of our bedroom we […]

I posted briefly about Buy Nothing New at the start of October here but Tamara has also managed to find time on what must be her busiest month to answer a few questions on her love of op shopping. What has been your most treasured op shop find and why? A gorgeous Missoni cardigan I bought in London. […]