Upcycled Wool Blanket Ideas

I adore vintage wool blankets and am always on the lookout for them when op shopping. I have enough for every bed in the house and a couple spare for the couch in winter.  They are just so toasty and beautiful to look at

There are so many other ways they can be used though and here is a list of some upcycled wool blanket ideas I’ve seen recently.

My top tip is to check out the dog baskets!  Yes I’ve spotted a few in good condition there.

1 Upcycled Wool Bunnies

Spotted via Shakey Smiles on Hapa NZ

2 woollen fox vest 

Spotted via indiebearbaby on Etsy here.

3 Vintage Upcycled Wool pinafore dress

Spotted via VelvetsEmporium on Etsy here.

4 Vintage Upcycled Wool dog coats

Spotted via The Recycled Hound on Etsy here.

5 Vintage Upcycled Wool Fox Hot Water Bottle Cover

Spotted via ZippidydoodahNZ on Etsy here.

6 Vintage Upcycled Wool Womens Coat

Spotted via Cover Magazine here.

7 Vintage Upcycled Wool Womens Long Winter Coat

Spotted via MatchesterFashion here.

8 Upcycled Wool Blanket Bag

Spotted via wife-made.com here.

9 Patchwork French tapestry cushion, wool blanket pillow

Spotted via DutchWoolDesign here.

10 Chair Recovery Using Vintage Woolen Blankets

Spotted via Revival Furniture here.

Some people are so damn creative!  I hope this has given you some inspiration.

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