I Love To Op Shop has 100,000 members?

The I Love To Op Shop Facebook group is teetering on 100k members but we decided after the past year Melbourne had experienced an early celebration was in order before Christmas and the summer holidays kicked in.

The I Love To Op Shop group opened a few years after I had been running the Facebook page.  I wanted to have a more collaborative space where op shops could promote themselves and op shoppers could share their love of op shopping and more sustainable shopping passions.

A few years later and my little group has 98.5k members.  To be honest I’m still a little bit in denial but my gut said yes when the awesome folk at Family Life invited me for a coffee to discuss a celebration event.  There have been too many no’s the past 18 months.



The I Love To Op Shop Important Bits

What is Planned? – A five hour op shopping extravaganza with raffle prizes, giveaways, discounts nibbles and more!  The team at Family Life have been so generous and are saving special stock specifically to be bought out over the afternoon.

A coffee van will also be available for the first couple of hours.

When – Saturday 4th December 3PM-8PM

Where – Family Life’s Cheltenham Op Shop which can be found at 48 Station Road, Cheltenam VIC

Come Say Hello

I’ll be there for the whole event and it would be lovely so see some of the I Love To Op Shop community there to enjoy the op shopping fun.  I’m generally a bit of an introvert so please don’t be shy the event should be full of lovely people all there to celebrate the joy of op shopping.

Hopefully we will be able to enjoy a few more face to face events in 2022!

To keep up with more news as well as photos of what may be available to buy please join the Facebook event here.

Want to do some more op shopping on the day?  Check out the Melbourne Op Shop Map which is very quickly turning into a Victorian op shop map.