Get More Bang For Your Bucks at the Op Shops!

Want to know how to make your cash go further at the op shops?

With the cost of pretty much everything rising at the moment I know a lot of us are watching our dollars even more than usual.  It’s just common sense to try and get as much bang for our buck as possible.

I’ve popped this handy list together to try and help but if you have more ideas please drop them in the comments below.

Bang For Your Buck at the Op Shop 2


1. Sign up for a Reward Card

Even op shops have discovered offering customers a reward or loyalty card has its benefits.

Some stores are a bit more fancy shmancy (pretty certain that’s a word!) and have a high tech option with scannable barcodes and bells and whistles.  Other stores may have a paper card that gets stamped and signed as you shop like a coffee card.  Both reward you somehow for your continued support.

Some stores that offer loyalty cards include

2 Sign up to Newsletters

Get news on sales, additional reward offers and discount day reminders straight in your Inbox.  Make sure you check out the website of your favourite stores or ask in person to find out if they send newsletters.

3. Check out their online shops

Some stores regularly discount their online stores and info usually arrives if you’re a newsletter subscriber,
I have compiled a list of over 40 online op shops you can check out here if you want to see who is selling what and where.

4. Know your Discount days

Some stores offer student or pension discounts so it’s worth checking if you shop regularly in some op shops.

Salvos Stores offer discounts on different days

  • Pension,  Seniors and healthcare card holders a 20% discount on Thursdays.  
  • Student discounts are offered on Wednesday’s or Saturday’s depending on where you live
  • There is even a Carer’s discount available

See their website here for full terms and condition.

Savers The Recycle Superstore offers Discounts

  • The offer Senior Monday’s and Student Sunday’s in their VIC and SA stores.  More info here.
Bang For Your Buck at the Op Shop 4


5. Know the Best Day to Shop

Some stores have regular stock rotation days to if you know a coloured tag is due to be reduced by 50% you may want to risk leaving an item a day or two.  We all know this can be a gamble though!

Some stores will also then further discount items.  Salvos Stores have a $2 rack on a Monday usually located towards the front of their stores.

Salvos Stores (Thrift/Family Stores may operate differently)

Lifeline QLD’s online shop regularly offers a Thrifty Tuesday deal with an email landing in your Inbox to remind you.  You can see their website here along with some others who have online shops.

6. Look Up!

Sometimes stores will just be running a quiet little sale advertised by a couple of scribbled A4 notices pinned next to the manchester or shoes.  It might be a percentage off, fill a bag or BOGOF.

It can just sometimes pay to look out for these.

7. Follow Op Shops Online

Go find them on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok and find out about impromptu deals and specials.

8. Celebrating Your Birthday?

If you’ve signed up to a loyalty program remember to check your emails in case you’ve qualified for a birthday discount!  This is offered by Family Life op shops and  Mission Mates!

Bang For Your Buck at the Op Shop 5


Have I Missed Any?

Probably!  Drop me some more ideas below though and I’ll update the post.

Hope this helps some of you though.

Happy op shopping, Vicky