Budget Save Spend A Quick Q&A on Stacie's Reselling Journey

I’ve been following Stacie on Instagram  @budget_save_spend for a couple of years and am always inspired by her constant sharing of other accounts she admires and help she rallies to those going through tough times.

I hit her up to see if she’d be game to give us a bit of an insight into her reselling journey.

Can you tell us about Budget Save Spend and how your reselling  journey began?

I’m a fun mix of budgeting and bargains. I help average families to budget , save and spend.

I’ve always been a prolific op shopper mainly for homewares and vinyl , however after seeing a lot of resellers in the community I started off with a few items.


What are you drawn to when it comes to sourcing?

Blouses and dresses in cute prints but I stick with brands that I love (even if there isn’t much money there).


Where are your favourite sourcing spots?

Online arbitration- buying items on clearance and flipping for a profit ( ozsale , the iconic , yoox) and charity clothing sale days ( as I know I’m making a direct impact to that organization.. The prices generally range from good to incredible.  $10 Prada anyone?


Where did you first start reselling?

I think it was Facebook Marketplace.  I can’t remember the first item I sold there though however my very first pick up was a Dangerfield dress.

My first sale on eBay was a Leona Edmiston Ruby dress for $10


What are the pros and cons for you with these platforms?

Cons – Marketplace tends to be brand specific and maybe limited to your local area ( depending on what you are selling).

Pros – flexibility with payment and delivery and you can change location easily depending on the item.


Tell us about your experiences with selling on consignment.

Honestly it has been hit and miss.

I’ve tried giving to other sellers on eBay to sell on my behalf, online consignment and high end brick and mortar consignment stores and the best experience was the high end bricks and mortar stores.  They tend to have a great following on social media and the prices/fees are fixed and agreed to beforehand.

My favourite is The Edit in Lane Cove Sydney

I sourced 8 items ( Camilla , Bec and bridge , See by Chloe , Sass and Bide etc for $100 total , 3 items sold and I received back $240 after fees.


What has reselling allowed you to do or what do you still love about it?

It has allowed me to buy clothes for myself almost guilt free.

It has also allowed me to pay bills and occasionally afford luxuries such as quality branded items or meals out.


Do you have any advice for anyone at the beginning of their reselling journey?

  • Start with 2 or 3 brands that you normally buy for yourself or would want to wear eg for myself this was City Chic , Sheike or Cue.
  • If you wouldn’t wear it , don’t buy it to resell.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start
  • Follow resellers on Instagram or YouTube


Do you have any other resellers you’d like to shout out?

Some of my favourite accounts are

budget save spend 2


Find out more from Stacie at @Budget_Save_Spend

Thanks so much to Stacie for taking the time to answer my questions and for always taking time out to share others in the Instagram community.

You can follow her account here on Instagram here where she posts about budgeting, bargains, side hustles, money, food and of course thrifting!

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Do you follow any resellers you adore?

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