Buy Nothing New Month? Easy for me now.

However,  turn the clock back 10 – 20 years or so and it would have been a different story.  I shopped on a Friday lunchtime for a new outfit for that weekend and would be unlikely to want to wear it too often.

I bought cheap new furniture, thought nothing about getting a plastic bag with every purchase, my disposable income was spent thoughtlessly on disposable goods.

I did donate but I didn’t really op shop on a regular basis.

Buy Nothing New Month

Buy Nothing New Month

Buy Nothing New Month is a fantastic initiative which began in 2011 designed to make people like me (back then) take stock of their spending habits and I like it!  Such an easy concept which is why I think it has been so successful.  It’s not suggesting every item has to be second hand, items such as food, toiletries and medication are exempt.

Tamara DiMattina had a vision and has made a difference, she’s inspirational and is finding a way to make people question their spending routines and have fun doing it.

Buy nothing new and afford a holiday, buy nothing new and spoil yourself on an experience instead, buy nothing new and donate the money to a charity, buy nothing new and put more in your savings…. so many options!

It’s something I’m proud to be teaching my boys.

$2 Postman Pat board game

$2 Postman Pat board game

Read “Waste not, want not and buy nothing new” here

Find out a bit more via the Buy Nothing New website here

You can also take the pledge on the website.

October seems to a great month on the thoughtful consumption front with the Garage Sale Trail taking place nationally on October 25th also. On my first Garage sale Trail day I managed 6 sales in about 3 hours.!

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