The Op Shop Girl – Upcycling Op Shop Furniture

The Op Shop Girl – Upcycling Op Shop Furniture

Upcycling Op Shop Furniture

Over the last few months I have become completely smitten with upcycling op shop furniture and free furniture and decor. Upcycling was never something I was really into, even though I’ve been an avid op shopper all of my life, but then all of a sudden, with the inspiration from lots of Pinterest pics, I have become obsessed with searching for treasures at the op shops to repurpose.  I then also make time to go on junking road trips through the suburbs, searching for thrifty treasures thrown out for curbside pickups.

My most recent project was an old beaten up cube style unit that I found for free on Facebook Marketplace. A lady was giving away a bunch of old furniture so I gladly took all the items off her hands. The wall unit was definitely the most trashed piece out of all the furniture, so beaten up in fact that even my husband asked if I actually wanted to take it home with us, I said yes as I knew that I could bring this junky looking unit back to life.

I first cleaned the entire unit, it was so disgusting.  There was lots of grime and graffiti, it was just horrid.  I cleaned it not only with white vinegar, but also metho and then gave it a good vacuum.

After that, it was ready to sand and paint. The unit was not wood, just like a cheap melamine material and I didn’t have a primer on me so I figured I would just give it a light sand to hopefully help the paint stick to the surface.

It all worked out so well just giving it a light sanding and I haven’t had any issues with paint chipping away.

I used an acrylic paint from Bunnings and I needed to apply 3 full coats. I have to say, the paint job isn’t perfect, I can still see lots of imperfections and messy brush work, but I am still very pleased with the end product.

I also used the opportunity to practice my decoupaging skills and covered some holes in the unit with decoupaged roses. I’ve included the video if you fancy a watch, to see how I upcycled the old cube unit. It now sits proudly in my office and i’m currently planning my next upcycling project.

Be sure to let me know what op shopped or free treasures you’ve been re-purposing lately.

Thanks so much friends and happy thrifting xo

The Op Shop Girl

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Thanks so much friends and happy thrifting xo

The Op Shop Girl

Ten Tips to Rid Stubborn Op Shop Smells

Ten Tips to Rid Stubborn Op Shop Smells

Op shop smells!  A common question that comes up in the I Love To Op Shop Facebook group is about how to remove unwanted smells from secondhand clothes.

Lots of clothing is thankfully donated in good clean condition or is washed where possible by stores before being placed in-store but mistakes can happen and here is a few tips to help with those stubborn odours.

These are some of the suggestions offered.

  1. White vinegar.  Half a cup or so in place of detergent.
  2. Charcoal tablets.  They can be popped inside socks and used to neutralize odors.
  3. Milton.  Found in the baby aisles of supermarkets and shops.
  4. Bicarbonate soda.
  5. Eucalyptus oil, lavender or tea tree oils
  6. Borax.  A naturally occurring mineral substance that can be used as a multipurpose cleaner, stain remover and deodoriser
  7. Amonia.  Be cautious though, you can read more in this article.
  8.  Nilodor Deodorizer Concentrate. More info on it here with reviews.
  9. Vodka! It can be the cheap option lightly misted via a spray bottle and hung outside.
  10. Sunshine and fresh air.  This is certainly the most consistent answer!  Just be careful if leaving woolen items in direct sunshine too long in case it yellows them.

If machine washing also wash on a cold or low temperature and avoid using a drier if possible.

Please make sure you follow any recommended guidelines and be especially cautious with delicate fabrics.

It was also advised not to try repeated washing with fabric softeners as this can in fact can trap smells in.

I’d love to know if any of these have worked for you or if you have more to add to help our eco shoppers out.

If you’d like to become an author on I Love To Op Shop please drop me a message.


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