I created the I love To Op Shop page in 2011 and www.ilovetoopshop.com.au followed, these groups have been set up to mirror the aims which are
  • The promotion of op shops, vintage, recycling and upcycling
  • Sharing your thrifted treasures (op shopped, second-hand, garage sales, vintage finds included)
  • Sharing news on new and closing op shops
  • Asking questions about op shops and relevant events in your area
  • Showing off your op shops
  • Supporting your local op shops and the volunteers and staff who run them
  • Garage sales can be posted once in the week of the event, no sales to be made on the group wall or bumping of posts during the week.


556:7 voted in favour of keeping this group positive. It will remain positive, helpful and supportive

I am also building an up to date directory of op shops and would love submissions via the website at www.ilovetoopshop.com.au if you’d like to help me fill in the blanks.  Posts and comments promoting other directories will be deleted from October 2015.  I will also begin running tours in VIC so please check out the events on the page if you’d like to join one.  Posts promoting other tours will be removed unless they are being run as a not for profit event with other members or a fundraiser.


  • People have asked to see locations and suburbs, prices are optional and pictures are great

What you can’t do

  • Post about, comment or share anything that may be deemed offensive, sexist, racist or anything that promotes hate ect.. If in doubt please run it by admin first, thanks.  If you see it please report the post or admin or tag an admin.  As of late Jan 2017 this now includes Golliwogs.  I’d prefer the group remain united in it’s love of op shopping rather than divided over their opinion on them and there are constant divisions.
  • Be negative about an individual op shop or a chain of op shops.  Why?  Well the group has people who choose to shop, donate, volunteer and work at all types of op shops for their own personal reasons, I want them to feel welcome when they log on.  Your complaints will be far more effect if made directly to the op shop in question.
  • Criticize peoples posts.  Tag an admin or report the post if you feel it breaks any of the guidelines, if you just don’t like it please hide the post, block the poster or simply scroll past.
  • Complain about pricing.  You have every right to not be happy about pricing but this groups aim is not to debate pricing and now from experience this topic always ends up badly.  These posts will be deleted before approval. This includes posting an item with the intention to open up debate.
  • Admin will also not approve negative opinion posts made about the way the group is run, contact admin if you have issues.  You do not have to agree to all the guidelines but you are also not being forced to stay.  Admin along with all members of the group should not be subjected to abuse.
  • Post about unrelated topics
  • Attempt to sell goods via the group, there are plenty of good buy and sell groups on Facebook.  Advertising options will be available soon
  • If money has exchanged hands, gifts have gone missing, items sent have not been paid for please do not ask admin to get involved.
  • Promote or spam the wall with your own or other pages, groups, websites ect….. The posts or comments will be removed, you will be removed if you continue to self promote.  Please add to the other file for this if people are interested they can look there.
Admin will delete posts and members who cannot follow these guidelines.

Reporting Posts

  • If you have seen spam or posts you feel are inappropriate/incorrect/abusive or just unpleasant you can report them to the admin by hovering over the right of the post.  The drop down will have a “report to admin” option.  It can then be reviewed.  No one other than the admins will know it has been reported.
  • You can also tag admin in any post you feel if not appropriate or following the above guidelines.
  • You also have the option to block any group members whos posts you would rather not see or to hide a post.
  • Do not give your negative opinions on posts please, just scroll on. Do not enter into an argument, it just prolongs unnecessary drama.
  • Screen shots can also be taken if you wish to send any info to admins of behaviour we may have missed.
Admins can and will delete posts without warning when guidelines are broken by the poster or by comments that follow.  You are welcome to PM to discuss further but we don’t always have the time to immediately explain why a post or comment was removed, we do expect members to read the guidelines before posting or commenting.
Posts, including exit announcements made by members no longer in the group will not be approved.
Have fun and thank you on behalf of the admin team to all the members who make this a really positive and enriching community to be part of.  It is lovely seeing such creativity, helpfulness and decency coming from a pool of like minded op shop fans, vintage lovers, collectors, upcyclers and eco hereos .
If you have any questions please get in touch.