Here is the latest Crazy Lamp Lady vlog on YouTube.

Today she gives us an overview of how their Ebay reselling has gone from their thrifted hoard!

You can follow her thrifting and vintage adventures by subscribing to her YouTube Channel here.

There should be a few videos to watch if you’re missing your current treasure hunting adventures.

I can see why the unboxing videos are popular with kids when we get to see her going through her thrifted bits from storage.

Are there any other op shoppers or thrifters you follow on YouTube?  I’d love a few more ideas.

Hope you’re having a good weekend everyone.  I know restrictions are lifting for some now but here in Victoria I have to wait a little longer until I can head out.

Now I need to go and break up the cricket fight that has broken out in between rain showers having sent the kids out for a few minutes.

Stay warm, stay safe, Vicky.