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Developed by Wilson Sporting Goods Co. and Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) Game On Recycling is a pilot program which is establishing a recycling scheme for sports equipment.

As a mum to three sporty kids and a sporty partner who also coaches one of the kids teams I love this initiative.  We get through a lot of soccer and tennis balls!  Balls everywhere hahaha


This is a bit about the project from the Game on website.

“Every year old and lonely sporting goods are discarded into the waste stream. This places unnecessary strain on Australia’s landfill sites, as these goods can be easily reused or recycled into new materials. Burying these unwanted sporting goods is neither responsible nor is it a sustainable solution.

Wouldn’t it be great if rather than ending in landfills, these goods contributed positively to our lives through the provision of a circular approach mitigating the generation of waste?”


The project offers free recycling opportunities for sports equipment including tennis balls, basketballs, soccer balls, ski equipment etc….

Organisations who register as a collection point receive a collection unit and cardboard boxes that come with a prepaid Auspost label where once filled the box can be forwarded onto the recycling centre.

Materials collected will be sent to a processing facility in Melbourne, where they will be sorted then granulated into commodities that can be used in the manufacture of new materials.

The material that is able to be recycled will be turned into floor coverings used in sporting grounds.

You can check out where your nearest recycling locations are on their website here –

Game on Recycling


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