The Garage Sale Trail is now live for 2015 registrations!  Yes I’m excited, especially considering they have asked me to be a Victorian ambassador for this years nationwide rummage.

By registering your sale on the website here you’ll be one of thousands of people buying and selling because of this eco-friendly initiative all across Australia on Saturday October 24th.   You will also receive a free sellers kit.

Make the most of your listing by telling people what they can expect on the day, you can edit it as the event gets closer and you uncover more items to sell.

don’t forget to think outside the box, why not drop a flyer round to your neighbours and make an event of it, you could hold one at your school, hire a hall…

Now if you’re going to do this you may as well do it properly, here’s some basic tips for any newbies holding their first sale..

Garage Sale Trail 2015

Garage Sale Trail 2015

Garage Sale Pointers

  1. Advertise.  You will be on the official Garage Sale Trail map but why not try sharing a poster or event on Facebook, add a listing on Gumtree, place some eye-catching posters in local shop windows, advertise via newsletter in your local school, clubs…..
  2. On the day.  Balloons and eye-catching signs are garage sale classic.  Just please remember to take them down afterwards, you can get fined afterwards and considering your address is scribbled across it which makes it pretty obvious it’s your yours.
  3. Set up.  Clearly price everything or set up a $5/$10 table. Be prepared for hagglers, if it’s marked at $2 people will offer $1. Play music, share some lollies, have water for any dog walkers stopping by.
  4. Cash.  Don’t forget a cash float with plenty of change.
  5. Smile.  Have fun, enjoy the day, chat to your visiting bargain hunters and know your items are being re-homed whilst you make space and a few dollars.
  6. Pack up.  Box up everything you no longer need for your local op shop afterwards.

Keep in the loop by following the Garage Sale Trail team online here.

Now stop thinking about it and do it.  Register here.

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