I’ve been following Her Library Adventure’s for a few years now, probably one of the first I began to follow from memory I think.  A few of these pictures supplied by Sophie will show it’s a glorious hit of whimsical creativity and stylish op shop chic.

I was so pleased when Sophie responded to an email I’d sent out quizzing her briefly on her op shopping habits.

I knew she was an op shop fan as she’s blogged numerous times on it and you can  have a browse at some of her past treasures and adventures here

Quality over quantity - Her Library Adventures

Quality over quantity – Her Library Adventures

I asked the following five questions

1.  What has been your most treasured op shop find and why?

We found an amazing pair of vintage arm chairs at the local tip shop a few years back and I am so glad they came home with us.  They have been such a unique addiction to our home and they are wonderful and comfortable to sit in.  Definitely a winner!

2.  Do you have an op shop tip? 

My favourite tip is quality over quantity.  Something I’ve leant over the years.  If it’s not in really good condition, or exactly what you’re after you might find yourself donating it back to the same op shop in a year or two.  Quality pieces, especially furniture, clothing and homewares can stay with you for a lifetime.

Kitchenalia obsession - Her Library Adventures

Kitchenalia obsession – Her Library Adventures

3.  Do you have a favourite op shop?

We have a great local Salvation Army store here in Mildura that I’ve had some great finds at.  They are really well organised and I think that can help if you get easily overwhelmed by all the racks and shelves. The local tip shop is often wonderful too, especially for crockery.

Op shop chic - Her Library Adventures

Op shop chic – Her Library Adventures

4.  What department do you head for first in an op shop?

Always the kitchenware, followed closely by linen. I have a soft spot for vintage canisters and fabulous floral sheets.

Vintage op shop goodies - Her Library Adventures

Vintage op shop goodies – Her Library Adventures

5.  Who is your favourite person to take op shopping?

I have a couple of fabulous friends who love a good op shop and we always have fun raiding the fabric and sheets, but I’ll tell you a secret, I always do my best op-shopping my myself.  I especially love looking through books, craft supplies and old records for something special.


Sophie and Tallow - Her Library Adventures

Sophie and Tallow – Her Library Adventures

You can check out Her Library Adventure’s blog here – http://herlibraryadventures.blogspot.com.au/

Buy some gorgeous creations from her shop Wilde Asher here (I’m in envy over her studio lol) – http://www.wildeasher.com/ 

Wilde Asher Studio

Wilde Asher Studio


And keep up to date with her posts on Instagram here – http://instagram.com/herlibraryadventures

Huge thanks Sophie, thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I think you’ll agree she has a fabulous eye and I need her to come over and style my house!

Author: Cathy

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