Whilst doing my regular walk through of the op shop I volunteer at this book caught my attention. Down the Aisle Country-Style: A wedding idea book for couple with rural roots.

I normally take twenty – thirty photos every shift to share the high lights of what you can find instore and share it on social media.

After flicking through the OTT comedy country style wedding suggestions I came across the inscription on the inside cover.  

It was my duty to share it with the the world.

Hilarious Op Shop Inscription


I was not the only one left confused and curious!

Comments came in thick and fast

“That is a lot of family laundry to put in writing” Natalie

“Now I want to seek out ridiculous thrift store books and add ridiculous notes to them. Between this and the people who jazz up dull paintings with monsters and aliens, thrift stores could all be absolute goldmines of ridiculousness” Kieli

“I think Tammy Wynette made a song about this if it’s real.” Candace

It took me until ‘Uncle/Brother’ for me to realize it was a joke lol” Deena


Hilarious Hand written Op Shop Inscription

“Congratulations on your engagement Shirley and Jeb.

I always knew you two would put your differences aside and get married.  It will be so lovely for the baby to not be a bas**rd and have wedded parents.  And better later than never for Judith, Jeremiah, Jed, Josephine and Amos.

Hope you enjoy picking some ideas from the book.  I just know you will love the crafts section Shirley.  I quite like the flowers in boots as a centrepiece for the reception tables.

Your uncle/brother and I are so proud.  Good luck and see you two at the country wedding.

Yee haw!

“Somebody has a wicked sense of humour!
I think I will start doing this in books I donate!!” Linda
“I’m curious as to what happened to Shirley and Jeb. Could be made into a Netflix special” Ruby
“I cannot be the only one who read that with a special accent” Sally
Whoever wrote this thank you for the laughs!
Have you ever found more than you bargained for out thrifting?  I’d love to hear about it!
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