How to Buy Cheap Luxury Yarns

How to Buy Cheap Luxury Yarns

Cheap and luxury don’t normally go together, do they? They do when you combine them with yarns and op shops!

I recently discovered 14 balls of soft angora yarn at an op shop that I pop into every now and again. I had to take the lovely little balls of angora home with me and I only paid $7 for the privilege – bargain!

Knitting and crocheting with luxury yarns doesn’t have to be expensive.

Luxury yarn from the op shop

Luxury yarn from the op shop

Here are my tips for finding lovely yarns in op shops:

Use your eagle eyes – look carefully for yarn. It’s generally towards the back or sides of the store, sometimes near the book section. The yarns I found were in a box on the floor, tucked under the bottom shelf. If you can see a collection of knitting needles there may be yarn nearby!
Be patient and persevere – sometimes there’s no yarn, sometimes there’s some horrible yarn and sometimes you can find luxury yarns. There may be a few balls or lots of balls. Take your time and one day you will find some gems.
Look in every op shop – sometimes the best finds are in the little op shops that are tucked away from the busy areas. Know where all your local stores are and visit all of them. It’s a good idea to visit op shops when you’re travelling too.

Remember to look out for yarns at garage sales, second hand stores and clearing sales as well.

Luxury Yarn from the op shop

Luxury Yarn from the op shop

While I go and ponder what to make with my Angora, tell me what crafty finds you’ve discovered while you’ve been op shopping?



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