Op Shop Book Project – #1

Clementine Ford – How We Love

“Clementine Ford is a person who has loved deeply, strangely and with curiosity. She is fascinated by love and how it makes its home in our hearts and believes that the way we continue to surrender ourselves to love is an act of great faith and bravery.

This tender and lyrical memoir explores love in its many forms, through Clementine’s own experiences. With clear eyes and an open heart, she writes about losing her adored mother far too young, about the pain and confusion of first love – both platonic and romantic – and the joy and heartache of adult love. She writes movingly about the transcendent and transformative journey to motherhood and the similarly monumental path to self-love. ‘We love as children, as friends, as parents and, yes, sometimes as sexual beings, and none of it is more important than the other because all of it shows us who we are”.

This is the first book released into the wild as part of the Op Shop Book Project.

It’s available to buy in all the usual places. You should also check out your library for a copy.

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Journey One

Gifted to me from a friend for my birthday

Location – Frankston

Journey Two

Gifted back to the friend who bought it for me so she could also read it.

This book has a chapter on the importance of platonic love in our lives and this friend and I have shared a thousand teas, shared tears, drunk wine and listened to each other whine and vent. She’s made my life richer, sweeter and I love her. If you read this “E” Thank you for being you, the world is a better place because you’re in it! Vicky

Location – Bayside Melbourne

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