June’s Op Shop Winner

Thanks for all the wonderful entries submitted for the new directory.  I’ve been inundated and still working through the entries but even the one’s I am yet to publish have been entered.

June’s op shop winner gets a small thank-you pack containing

  • a lovely op shopped Kate Hill teal bag
  • a bar of Alter Eco chocolate which even I am surprised wasn’t “replaced” at any point
  • a pretty vintage brooch picked up at a local garage sale

We have had over 100 entries for local op shops, vintage shops, recycle shops, tip shops and markets added over the past few weeks. I’m hoping to improve the directory as I get my head round the interweb bits and pieces so you can have a hunt for a nearby bargain that is good to your wallet and world!

There will be another prize added in the next few days so please keep on sharing!

And now…… drum roll please……. A big well done to Eliza whose entry for St John’s Church Op Shop in Beaconsfield was selected by my two year old who had no idea what the point of the exercise was so I figured was as impartial as needed.

If I’ve not heard back from Eliza by next week I’ll select another winner.

Huge big, massive, gigantic thank-you to everyone again!  May the op shop odds be ever in your favour!!!