One of the most frequent questions asked in the I Love To Op Shop Facebook group is

Where are the op shops in Melbourne?

I’m vising Melbourne can anyone tell me where the op shops are close to the city?

I’ll be in St Kilda for work and would love to check out the local op shops, can anyone help?

I’m vising Melbourne on a girls weekend away, we’d love to explore a few op shops that are close to each other.  Does anyone have any ideas?


I’m hoping this map will help you out a little, it’s sometime’s a lot easier to just see spots on a map.

It needs work though so if you have a few minutes please look up your local area and let me know what I’ve missed.

It’s by no means finished but I hope it will be a useful tool for locals and visors.

You’ll also find some vintage , consignment stores and secondhand shops listed so feel free to submit more of these also on the form below!

Please also let other shoppers know of any spots worth visiting.

For extra op shop points don’t forget to do a quick closet check for some great quality donations to pass on too!.

Thanks so much and happy opping!


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