I posted Sunday morning to say Op Shop Jnr and I were heading out for what has become a bit of a regular outing for us, a trip to Cheltenham Rotary Sunday Market and then over the road to the Cheltenham Family Life Op Shop.

We finish with the highlight (in Op Shop Jnr’s opinion) of the trip – brunch!

Cheltenham Market is a real mix of a market in an undercover car park so it runs rain. hail or shine.  There are plant sellers, flowers vendors, fruit & veggie people, some handmade, second hand, and in my opinion the trash – cheap and nasty new items that will probably fail most Australian standards.

Thankfully Op Shop Jnr now knows I’d rather pay $5 on a handful of second hand toys than on one which will break after it’s dropped.  We can avoid these tables without any drama despite their flashing lights, annoying music and moving parts. They don’t last.

As I headed out I posted asking people on the Facebook page what I’d probably see when out op shopping.  The following list is what followed from the lovely people that follow the page on Facebook.

  1. Suitcase – Check
  2. Teapot – Check
  3. Kids Chair – Think Op Shop Jnr misunderstood this one!
  4. Milk Glass – I didn’t really know what this was.  Can anyone enlighten me?
  5. Vintage Tea Towels – Failed
  6. Buttons – Fail
  7. Old soda syphon bottle with the wire around it – Fail

    The hunt is on

    The hunt is on – Op Shop Jnr striking some interesting op shop poses

  8. 50 Shades of Grey – Check
  9. Film Reels – Fail
  10. Wooden trinket boxes – Fail
  11. Vintage juice jug – Fail
  12. Glass punch bowl – Fail
  13. Blue Willow China – Fail – I was VERY surprised by this
  14. Bargains – Plenty!!
  15. Stuffed toys galore / teddy bears – Check

    Op Shop Staples

    Op Shop Staples

  16. Something really ugly – Op Shop Jnr loved this one – Plenty
  17. Photo frames – Shelves of them
  18. Kamahal /Nana Maskouri records – failed!  I looked through four drawers and even I was shocked!

    Few more off the list

    Few more off the list

  19. Couch – A few
  20. Duck soaps – Fail
  21. Terrible cookbooks from the 80s and 90s with photos of lots of brown foods!!  – Check
  22. An old picnic basket – several

    1970s & 80s cookbooks with brown food, check

    1970s & 80s cookbooks with brown food, check

  23. Fake Guess bag – fail
  24. Dora the Explorer talking doll – She was off exploring but her side kick Diego was found
  25. Empty Moccona jars – fail
  26. Floral coffee mugs – enough for a Biggest morning Tea!

    Floral Mugs? Check

    Floral Mugs? Check

  27. Harry Potter VHS – fail
  28. Clear brown Pyrex – check
  29. Books – A Plenty, many more than the one’s mentioned above
  30. Foot Spa – spotted hidden away
  31. Dan Browns ‘The DaVinci Code’ – Failed!!!!! I even asked a volunteer where the Dan Brown section was and he took me to it and was gobsmacked that there were none there.  A fan must have beaten us to it.
  32. Denim skirts – check

    Challenge accepted5a

    I can’t hold anymore Mum!!!

  33. Tuppaware – check
  34. The entire Twilight series – Yep!
  35. A retro lamps / bed side lamps – check
  36. Knitting needles – check

I’ve not had an op shopping trip quite like this, there were probably some we missed but my time was up – Op Shop Jnr wanted his brunch!  I think we and Family Life did bloody well.  It’s a great op shop and is bustling with Sunday shoppers.  It’s nicely organised and has a great variety as some of the pics show.

Challenge accepted7a

Brunch at Main Street in Mordialloc

Must recommend where we ate though – Main Street Café in Mordialloc. It’s a great café with a lovely atmosphere.  it’s child friendly and the staff seemed to be buzzing to be there which rubs off on everyone stopping for food or a cuppa.  There’s a great breakfast and lunch menu and after a morning of shopping we were refuelled which was just as well because the Vinnies at Edithvale was open!

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