I posted briefly about Buy Nothing New at the start of October here but Tamara has also managed to find time on what must be her busiest month to answer a few questions on her love of op shopping.

Buy Nothing New's Tamara in the Herald Sun image c/o Nicole Cleary

Buy Nothing New’s Tamara in the Herald Sun image c/o Nicole Cleary

What has been your most treasured op shop find and why?

A gorgeous Missoni cardigan I bought in London. I don’t get attached to things or stuff. This is the exception. Gorgeous colours. I’ve patched it up so many times already.

Do you have an op shop tip?

Look for great quality. Older stuff (80s, 90s) tends to be way better quality than all the cheap, fast throwaway stuff of today. IMHO a gorgeous quality fabric will always look better than a trendy new style made from cheap fabric.

Do you have a favourite op shop?

The team at Red Cross Smith Street, and Sacred Heart Mission Clarendon Street are amazing. Fabulous range. There is always something I would love at these two top spots.

What department do you head for first in an op shop?

I don’t, I scan everywhere. I tend to shop for stuff I love based on what’s there. I don’t tend to go looking for a particular thing. If I see something great quality that I don’t have, I get it, then I have it ready for when I do need it. I tend to have gaps in my ‘stuff’ until I find it at an op shop. This can take a while though. You need to have patience and love the thrill of the find. I find it way more rewarding than just heading straight to a shop where you know you can get exactly what you need on demand. it’s the hunter gatherer in me!

Who is your favourite person to take op shopping?

My French Bulldog, Leopold. He has an excellent sense of style (like most French) and tells it straight.
Leopold tells it as it is!

Leopold tells it as it is!

Thanks Tamara for this and for coming up with such a simple way for people to be reminded about how their purchases affect more than just their wallets.
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