Opshopulence : How to Make Thrift Store Look Like Couture and Save the Planet by Faye Faye De Lanty

Opshopulence is an amazing book by the thrifty fashion influencer and style powerhouse Faye De Lanty.

I have been following Faye for years and whilst my flair for fashion is less that newsworthy I really admire how she can scour the $2 racks on her Salvos trips and pull out pieces to style that would be fit for a runway.  She’s able to show examples of how to layer, match and rethink the way you might typically look at fashion pieces.  She will also getting you checking out the menswear, nightwear and childrenswear with a new set of eyes. 

At the start of the year she released a beautiful book and I’ve been meaning to post about it since.  This is a gorgeous collection of inspiring advice, stunning photography and a wealth of fashion experience all in one place.

opshopulence Faye

What is Opshopulence about?

True style is never about how much you spend

A simple shift in perception will bring you more wardrobe abundance and life wisdom that you could ever possibly imagine.

Opshopulence is a mindset created by preloved chic pioneer Faye De Lanty and when you embody it you’ll:

  • look and feel a million bucks
  • save money and reduce style stress
  • transcend age, shape, size, gender and status
  • transform your personal style and life
  • support charity
  • empower and connect to community
  • help heal the planet
  • become part of a revolutionary style movement

All while looking incredibly high end chic without having to spend a fortune, and it won’t cost the earth.

Thrift is the gift that keeps on giving…

Join Australia’s OG eco stylist and she shares all her tips, tricks and style secrets to live an Opshopulent life.

This is future fashion and it’s time to claim your front row seat!

opshopulence Faye 1


Where can I buy Opshopulence?

Opshopulence is available in all the usual places but can also be bought on Amazon.

Full disclosure if you do buy through this affiliate link you’ll be supporting me in a small way to do what I love here at I Love To Op Shop.

Need more Faye in you day?

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Certainly worth it for a dose of creativity and flair to your life.