Studio Thrifty 4

Studio Thrifty 4 has opened in Albion, Brisbane and supports the Pay A Sack Forward charity who fundraise to support the homeless.

This shop has such a great vibe, they had me at disco balls!

Looks to be thrifty in name and nature with some really low prices and regular specials.

They are even having a special National Op Shop Week evening event hosted by Never ever Pay Retail.  Head over and show some support!

You can find out more about the shop by following their Facebook page here and checking out the charity website here.

Pay a Sack Forward aims to support those experiencing homelessness in Australia through the distribution of ‘survival sacks’.

$5 = 1 survival sack

Just five dollars allows us to provide an individual with a sack containing basic essentials including food and hygiene products. These are distributed by our volunteer team, and through our partner organisation’s including food vans, drop in centres and outreach services.
Come visit us!

You can finds Studio Thrifty 4 at 2/21 Collingwood Street, Albion, QLD 4010.

It’s been added to our community map here – make sure you check out some other ethical shopping spots in the local area!

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If you’ve visited I’d love to know what you think, did you find some goodies?