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Thank you to Michaela for taking time out to tell us all about her preloved fashion business The Vintage Arian.

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Can you tell us how your Vintage Arian journey started?

I’ve always been an op shopper and often get compliments on my choice in fashion to which I am always happy to tell them how much it cost and of course if it has pockets.

After completing a diploma in Merchandising and Marketing I worked in high end retail ladies’ fashion for 10 years. I got to know a lot of labels but saw firsthand the waste that comes with new clothing, from the packaging, hangers, unsold goods and so much went straight to the bin. And the retail prices were so expensive.

After having my son and having to return to work I realised I wanted to find something I could do working from home so I could spend more time with him. I was on my way to work one day, saw a new op shop had opened and popped in that afternoon where I found the most amazing dress.  The dress was a thick duchess satin, backless, black and simply gorgeous. I quit my job and I began Vintage Arian the next day. After researching the waste in new clothing, I realised just how necessary second-hand clothing was to the environment and to make a stand against slave labour I pledged to purchase second-hand as a first choice. To become Vintage Arian.

And of of course, you can always find something unique in an op shop.

What are you drawn to when it comes to sourcing for Vintage Arian?

I’m drawn to well-made items in beautiful quality fabrics, unique styles and well-fitting cuts. I love vintage looks with timeless elegance, and I love something a bit quirky and unusual.

Where are your favourite sourcing spots?

Ooh, I can’t tell you exactly where I go, but I will say that nowhere is off limits. I have around eighteen shops I go to frequently, but you’re never guaranteed to find anything, but some days you come home with a great haul.

Where did you first start reselling?

I first started selling on Facebook, then a couple of years later I built my website to make things much easier for my customers. I’m also on Instagram and Pinterest, eBay and I’ve just started on Poshmark.

What are the pros and cons for you with these platforms?

Most of my following is on Facebook but the algorithm is my worst enemy with reaching my lovely customers, so I tell everyone to come straight to the page at 8pm weeknights to see the new collections.

The pros are It’s free and user-friendly.

With the other platforms, it’s really a matter of what a shopper is looking for and of course the fees can take a slice of the profit.


City Chic Etched Poppy dress. Size XS


Stephen Glass of Sydney black lace vintage dress. Size 12-14


Chelsea Design orange vintage style dress. Size 12


Once Was black lace dress. Size 2


Closet London teal satin floral dress. Size UK12


When did you make the leap to creating your own website? 

I used to invoice my customers but trying to remember everyone’s details was getting harder the more the business grew, so I knew a website would be a way for everyone to shop autonomously and for some shoppers, in secret.

What was the hardest thing for you with the website set up?

Having to relist everything from scratch again. I couldn’t export the data from Facebook, so it was a fresh start with every item. It was a slow process.

Tell me about your themed posts on Facebook

When I first began the page, a friend gave me a link to the Perth Fashion Festival ‘Challenge a Day’. It gave a list of themes for some bloggers to choose clothes found in their local op shops. I also did the challenge. Nine years later I’m still doing themes.  It gives me a direction and gives my customers something different to look forward to each night.

I mostly do colours or patterns, but the themes can be anything.

My favourite is Crazy Cat Lady because I donate some of the profits to a local cat rescue.

What has reselling allowed you to do or what do you still love about it?

Reselling has allowed me to work for myself and work around my sons schooling and activities. It’s allowed me to be creative and accountable. I love it because I still get a thrill when I find something gorgeous, and I love to make my customers happy.

Do you have any advice for anyone at the beginning of their reselling journey?

My advice would be to take the time to wash and iron and take clear photos. If you make your photos look appealing, you’re more likely to sell an item and customer will be more likely to return if they are happy with the presentation and cleanliness. 

Post in compostable mailers and ditch the plastic and make customer service your number one priority.

Do you have any tips for what works well for you in marketing The Vintage Arian?  

I try to get a newsletter out monthly, but it doesn’t always happen. Most of my marketing has been by word of mouth and referrals from other customers.

Markets are a good way to pass out business cards and attract new customers, and I always let people know what I do.

Do you have any other resellers or websites you’d like to shout out?

Studio 99 on Facebook has some beautiful items and Beatrix is a lovely seller.  I received a dress from her last week and it’s just gorgeous.

If you’re looking for something unique and you love stylish and beautiful clothes you can check out The Vintage Arian in the following places

The Vintage Arian Website

The Vintage Arian Facebook

The Vintage Arian Instagram

The Vintage Arian Pinterest

The Vintage Arian Poshmark

The Vintage Arian eBay

Once again, thank you to Michaela for telling us all about The Vintage Arian, I love seeing your themed posts pop up in my feed.  It’s clear she has a real passion for preloved fashion.

I love supporting the circular economy and the small businesses helping to reduce landfill and I hope you have enjoyed this spotlight on The Vintage Arian.


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  • Beatrix
    14 October 2022 at 2:46 pm

    Excellent work Michaela. I am very “Proud” of you as a fellow reselling mum xx I am always telling the lovely ladies who shop with me to pop into The Vintage Arian for some gorgeous stuff. I love to see your ‘runway’ shows and can only aspire to your commitment doing this every night !!! Well Done Girl !! x

    • Vicky
      14 October 2022 at 5:05 pm

      I love seeing the nightly themes too.

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