Thread Together’s Mobile Van in Action

Thread Together in collaboration with Ballarat’s Child and Family Services Ballarat (CAF’s) will be helping those in need over the next six months in various locations in Victoria’s Central Highlands.

You can spot the Thread Together’s very cool with it’s bold colours.  It doesn’t just look good on the outside though as it’s good on the inside too containing not only shelves of new clothing but it has even been fitted out with a pop out change room.

To access the Thread Together’s services you need to have a referral from a relevant support agency.

Thread Together operates in various locations across Australia and was founded in 2012.  It’s simple mission was to reduce clothing going to landfill whilst supplying clothing to those in need at no cost.

Since it began it has worked with over 500 charity partners and is also now recognised as a first responder during natural disasters.

They also have clothing hubs and a small fleet of mobile wardrobes now assisting those in need.


Volunteer with Thread Up

There are multiple ways you can help Thread Up if you’re interested in getting involved including

  • Fundraising
  • Sorting, picking and packing at one of their warehouses.
  • Helping at volunteering sessions
  • Donate your professional services

You can read more about getting involved and supporting them on their volunteer page here.

Want to know more about Thread Together?

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thread together's van


What an amazing initiative!

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