Thrifted Transformations is run by a really creative thrifty shopper with an amazing eye for transforming the daggy to desirable, the shonky to chic, the cringeworthy to incredible… you get the idea.

I have included three of her short but informative videos to give you an idea of what she does but she has a whole YouTube channel here to inspire you.  I bet after watching a couple of these you’ll be looking at dresses differently and be a little more confident about stepping our of your fashion comfort zone.

April of Thrifted Transformations

April of Thrifted Transformations

On this episode she

  1. Turns a high waited leather skirt into a mini skirt.
  2. Turns a cute denim top into a more fitted crop top
  3. A stretchy t-shirt into a fitted tank top



What I like about most of the videos is how simply she breaks the stages down.  There are nice visual tips throughout as well as advice on stitching which is great if you need to dust off your almost  unused sewing machine like me.

This video is even simpler, if you have an infinity scarf she shows you how to wear it different ways.  Sometimes you just have to be shown these things.  You’ll be searching the fabric bins a little more after watching this.


Finally this cute mini tutorial shows you how to transform t-shirts.  T-shirts are so easily available and cheap from op shops and these are great projects that won’t cost you much time, effort or money.  It will also give you a piece of unique fashion no one else will have.

Which is your favourite?

What op shop gem have you given a new lease of life to?

You can find her YouTube channel here where she not only shares her upcycle projects but also her thrifted finds.

I love seeing how excited others are at rediscovering items donated from the op shops.  It is recycling at its best.

Have you got any favourite fashion upcyclers we need to know about?  Drop a message below.