I think this could be a new anthem for half of the I Love To Op Shop community!

I just spotted this on Youtube and had to share.

“If you’re searching for treasure don’t have to look far,
Just jump on your bike or hop in the car.
Scour the side streets or ride on the main,
Once hooked you will find them again and again….

Nerida Cuddy – Thrill of the Hunt (Op Shop Song)

……Sweet smiling ladies with silvery hair,
Setting up windows with colour and flair,
Laughing whilst sharing their juiciest goss,
$5 a bag if you don’t tell the boss!

Anyone is welcome here to browse or to buy,
Scan the shelves, search the racks, the hours will fly.
Helping the needy and making shopping fun it’s even environmentally friendly the op shop is the one.

I can relate to the sentiments completely!
What a gorgeous song.