TikToker's Cautionary Tale How Not to Donate Electronics

@dankeunextgay is a TikToker who has gone viral after purchasing more than he bargained for from a US thrift shop.

In his video he explains how he’s uncovered a history of the donators life on a secondhand Apple Time Capsule.  The good, the bad and the adult files were all there in layers of files.

The donator had backed up copy after copy of his computer going back to 2010.

All sorts of information was available from tax details, business documents, personal photos, credit card numbers, audit histories and his life insurance details!

The good news is he’s now trying to find Don or his family to pass on the time capsule of data rather than destroying it incase they would like it for sentimental purposes.

Have you ever uncovered more than you bargained for when op shopping?

I’d love to know!