I’ve seen some really ugly clocks in op shops, donations from ex Bieber fans, unwanted Barbie clocks, Nemo, Wiggles, Thomas, One Direction, Twilight timepieces….. the list goes on.  I wonder if they get reunited with new fans or if they sit in a tub marked at $1 for months gathering dust.

If they work there is still hope for them!  I’ve been scouring skiving on the internet and thrown some inspiration together to give these clocks hope, after a bit of surgery they may end up looking better than they did to start with.

Most of these ideas will also put to use some other items found at your local op shop or thrift shop

Here’s my top 10 op shop hacks for clocks.

  1. Tin clocks

This one was seen on Etsy made by ReigrucheStudio 

op shop hack clocks

2.  Book clocks

Typically op shops have lots of books and usually lots of book sales.  If you’re not a fan of repurposing books keep an eye out for damaged ones for this little project. This one was seen on Dishfunctional Designs.

op shop hacks

3. Paper clocks

Op shops also have an abundance of old magazines that can be used to create all manner of pretty paper crafts.  This clock was seen on Repurpose Relove, the tutorial they used is here.

Op Shop Clock Hacks - Paper Clocks

4. Tools Clock

Perfect for the man shed or an outdoor area, this one has been created by Linda Hudgens of the Pink Elephant, now you know what to make the gardeners in your life!


5. Lego Clocks

One for the kids room.  They can also get on board and help design these one’s.  This was spotted on Our Nerd Home and it even includes a little tutorial here.


6. Board Game Clocks

This Scrabble board clock was created by Miss Courageous on Etsy, unsurprisingly sold out because it’s awesome!


7. VHS Clock

I love this quirky upcycle project seen on Mental Floss 15 New Uses for Old VHS Tapes

op shop hacks

8. Doily Clocks

I know amongst the I Love To Op Shop Group on Facebook (join in the fun here) there is a lot of love for doilies at the moment so I think this will appeal to some of you seen via Headless Days.


9. Spoon Clocks

How beautiful is this cheery Chrysanthemum clock created from repurposed plastic spoons created by That’s What She Said.


10. Coffee Kettle Clock

I love this enamel vintage style kettle clock, it’s made by Clock and Pots.


This is just a small taster of what some super crafty and imaginative people have been up to when it comes to repurposing everyday items, I hope this will now get you looking at a few more op shop items in a new light.

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