Toronto Op Shopping Event With French For Tuesday

As part of the Live Locally Series Mardi from French For Tuesday has organised a special  Toronto Op Shopping Event.

About the Live Locally Series

Live Locally is a series of events that helps bring the people of the Newcastle NSW region together to live a more eco-friendly everyday lifestyle.
The Live Locally series will help our local community improve the quality of the well-being of people and the planet. Connecting to grassroots projects, organisations and businesses, the site visits and field trips help to spark and maintain achievable lifestyle changes.
Importantly, they all start with local actions, contributing to us being a global eco-citizen.

You’ll be guided to Toronto’s four op shops on this casual 90 minute walking tour.  

When – Wednesday 5th April 2pm – 3.30pm

Where – Allira House Op Shop Toronto

How to Book – To book the event click the Eventbrite link here.

Cost – Free

Toronto Op Shopping Event


What a fantastic initiative.  I hope if you make it you have a great time.