Little Golden books have a place in a lot of our hearts but what can you do with them when they are finally past their best, when two or three generations of babies, toddlers or children have been a little less kinder than hoped.  Maybe like the time you leave your two year old alone with a pen to answer the phone and return to see pages 3, 7 and 12 are now brown along with the most of the kitchen cupboards, one chair and a very guilty looking child?

I went on an internet journey, I call it research, some may call it procrastinating but I’m hoping some of these shared ideas will give you inspiration and therefore give me reason to continue wasting time on the internet when I could be cleaning researching cool things to do with books past their best.

Little Golden Books as Home Décor

If you have a favourite story that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy, makes you believe in miracles or reminds you of moments as a kid which you want to see every day here are some grown up ideas for these children’s books work into your home or added to a nursery.

This repurposed lamp was found on Etsy by Patturn who does custom orders, just saying!  Some of the artwork in the classic books are so beautiful, something like this could add a really personal touch to a room.

Upcycled. Repurposed Vintage Golden Book, Nursery Lamp by Patturn

Upcycled. Repurposed Vintage Golden Book, Nursery Lamp by Patturn

Little Golden Books as Fashion Pieces

Now this dress would require a lot of books but how amazing is it?  It has been created and designed by an artist called Ryan Jude.

“If sustainable couture is your version of “happily ever after,”

consider Ryan Novelline the Prince Charming of green designers.

Who needs a Fairy Godmother?”Ecouterre

The bodice is made from the gold spines and the skirt, all 22,000 square inches of it is made from recycled or discarded Little Golden Books, they are then sewn together with gold thread.

Something not quite as epically huge but a little more wearable is this bracelet from LowcountryEclectic seen via Etsy.  It was born from her desire as a youngster to be a children’s librarian but mixed with her stronger passion to craft.

Little Golden Book upcycled bracelet via Low Country Eclectic

Little Golden Book upcycled bracelet via Low Country Eclectic

Little Golden Books Crafting Activities

On a slightly more achievable level for those of you like me who dream big but craft once in a blue moon after an impromptu and expensive impulse shop in Spotlight or Lincraft here are some more realistic Little Golden Book projects to tryout.

Just frame it!

This iconic Bambi artwork was spotted on a blog called White House Black Shutters. It’s simple but effective.

Little Golden Book Bambi Art

Little Golden Book Bambi Art

You could find an excuse to get that hot glue gun dusted off for this pretty wreath.  If you don’t have enough pages from your golden book you could get imaginative and look for old Melways, atlas’s, Mills & Boon’s romance, newspapers, flyers…

This wreath is from Red Agape Style and design and the tutorial can be found here.

Red Agape Golden Book Wreath

Red Agape Golden Book Wreath

My final Little Golden Book inspiration are cute little birdhouses.  This one was spotted on Books What Not

Little Golden Book Birdhouse by Books What Not

Little Golden Book Birdhouse by Books What Not

Do you have a favourite here or would you like to share some more ideas? Feel free to drop some info below.

I’ve also been pinning away to a Little Golden Book board on Pinterest here if you’d like some more ideas.

Now I’d better give the internet a rest and do some “proper work”.

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