Upcycled Tin Earrings



Creative ways to upcycle pretty tin.

Inya Ears is an Australian maker who sees pretty tins and remakes them into quirky accessories. 

You’ll probably recognise some iconic prints from well known Australian designs.

She doesn’t just stick to biscuit tins though there are creations using bank tins, aluminium cans, lollie tins and more.

Full disclaimer – This post may contain affiliate links so if you do make a purchase you’re also supporting me in a small way to (at no cost to you) to carry on supporting small businesses.  

recycled tin earrings 2

As I Love To Op Shop has grown I love being able to shine a bit of a spotlight on makers who try to use existing fabrics and materials in a creative way.

You can find these and other designs on the Inya Ears Etsy store here.

Make sure you check out her other amazing vibrant designs whilst you’re there.

If you’re in the mood to browse further please check out my Ultimate Online Op Shopping List with over 40+ places to browse supporting charities.

recycled tin earrings 1


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