Finally I shouted to myself!!! They are real!! Thank you Vinnies for filling the void of what to buy an op shopper for Christmas with your Vinnies Victoria Gift Cards.

Vinnies describe these as “A gift card worthy of giving.”

It’s a pretty spot on description and I’ve asked for one this Christmas, I even got the expected eye roll and knowing smirk from Mr Op Shop.

What is not to love though?

  • It supports Vinnies
  • Environmentally you are making a better choice
  • Chances are high you will bag a bargain or two

To buy a card you can just head to their Ebay store here.  They even have 20% off until 5pm Thursday 24th December so spend $80 and you’ll get$100 voucher.  Please note these gift cards are valid only in Victorian Vinnies Stores.  If I find out more of course I will shout about it.

Grab your Vinnies Gift card on Ebay

Grab your Vinnies Gift card on Ebay

Hope you’re not getting swept up in the commercialisation these holidays.  It does get a bit cray cray out there.