Zenna Donna’s creations were spotted on the Facebook group and I took the opportunity to see if she’d let us know a little more about her unique and quirky designs.

Zenna Donna's Rockabilly Dress

Zenna Donna’s Rockabilly Dress

How long have you been sewing and what inspired you to do something a “little out of the box” with some of your dresses?

I have been sewing for 20 years. (Since I was 12 years old) My mum taught me how to sew, my grandma and great grandma sewed as well.

I started sewing “one of a kind” dresses a few years ago, when I couldn’t find what I wanted in the shops, and none of them fit me. I starting looking for vintage fabric in op shops, and started making 1950’s style dresses.  I also love teaching people how to sew and that’s why we have our YouTube channel, so we can show people step by step, how to make dresses, skirts, and lots of arts and craft things.

My business motto is: Create, Teach, Inspire.

Where do you source your fabrics from? I get my fabrics from lots of different places.

A lot of my quality vintage fabrics, come from op shops and I have had lots of people donate fabric to me, and I also upcycle sheets and curtains from op shops for dresses.

Do you also source patterns from op shops?

Yes, I do. Some of the best patterns I have are from op shops. The vintage patterns are such great quality, and you can find some many different styles.

Zenna Donna's Op Shopped patterns

Zenna Donna’s Op Shopped patterns


What have been some of your favourite prints and designs that you’ve created?

Some of my favourite designs I have made so far, is a dress I made out of a Wiggles doona cover. I also made a great rainbow coat last winter from different scraps of fleece fabric, and I love the bags I make out of men’s ties.


Zenna Donna's upcycled Men's tie bags

Zenna Donna’s upcycled Men’s tie bags

Do you do custom orders or do you have more popular requests and can you tell us about any of them?

Yes, most of my orders are custom. We make every dress to fit the customer’s measurements. Our “tea party” dress is our most popular, and we make it in sizes 10, 12, and 14.

Where can people find you and your dresses?
Our website: www.zennadonna.com
Facebook page: Zenna Donna
Instagram: @ZennaDonna
You Tube channel: Zenna Donna

Zenna Donna's upcycled suitcase on her website here.

Zenna Donna’s upcycled suitcase on her website here.

Why do you op shop and can you tell us why you think others should op shop? I love op shopping because it’s a great way to find one of a kind, unique pieces, and I love recycling, and it’s like a treasure hunt, every time I go op shopping.

I think everyone should give op shopping a go, because it’s a great way to support charities, the local community, and find something unique.

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